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So, hows Dirty Fighter?


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Some fairly heavy dots, and more of a mid range, instead of complete melee, fighter. Got some slows, a thing that makes your pugnacity restore 10 energy when used, and on a lesser cooldown, but for me? It's all about Wounding Shots.


It only does alot of damage when you hvae both shrapnel bomb and vital shot on them, but it easily trumps sucker punch's damage. I generally enjoy it, cause it's more controlling, to where scrapper is bursty.

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If youre talking about Dirty fighting from a pure damage perspective, it outputs the same amount of damage as scrapper in most medium length fights (15-21 second fights).


On longer fights, they tend to even out because of the scrapper doing more damage while the enemy is above 30% and dirty fighting takes the cake at sub 30% health enemies.


One key note I would like to add though is that if you are of any spec, its important to SKIP open wounds talent.


Now if you were to look at dirty fighting (even for pvp) not opening with shoot first is an incredibly dumb move. Not using pistol whip and back blast (back blast doesnt cost much energy at all) will lower your damage as well. Backblast does a lil less damage than sabo charge but it only costs 10 energy so it is a part of dirty fightings rotation.


Unlike scrapper who needs to be in melee 90% of the time, a dirty fighting char can weave in between melee and not melee so even if you were to get knocked away from the boss, you will still be able to output decent amounts of damage.


One thing to look at as well is flurry of bolts damage. As in the scrapper will ALWAYS be outputting more damage whenever flurry of bolts is used because of the 50% armor pen.


On a max dps rotation, you will be using more flurry of bolts than you expect. Maybe 1 every 3-4 skills on a scrapper (definitely use it while charging flechette round when backblast and pistol whip is on CD and youre not about to get a round 2 anytime soon)


As for scrapper being bursty? Thats only if you start spamming. In a sustained dps fight, scrapper WILL ALWAYS outdamage an even geared dirty fighter until it reaches 30% hp then dirty fighting will take the lead

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Thanks you two so far. sounds kind of fun... hell i might even try it. :)


Well the AP from Flechette gets possibly nerfed to 30% so, i guess thy even out more.


Did i understand right, as long as a DOT ticks, you are thought to be "in combat" with a target (like, in PvP), and therefore can not stealth, other than with combat stealth?

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