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Guild can't complete Eternity Vault

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Bioware, it is impossible for our guild to complete EV. We tried 4 times last night and each time we had some sort of strange bug making it incomplete-able.


The first time, one of our dps got mind trapped into oblivion. He could see us but not the boss, so that was one dps down where we definitely needed. So, we died on the boss.


Second time, the boss just disappeared because apparently he doesn't know what to do when the tank is in the mind trap and he doesn't have a target.


Third time, some chunks in the floor were missing, even though they were supposed to be there. Eventually, as he smashed the floor in we all plummeted to the ground and died in an improper mechanical manner.


Fourth time, people actually ended up DISAPPEARING from the entire operation and after a certain amount of time, they just died. Sometimes they come out of the mind trap and fall to the floor.


It blows my mind that these things aren't fixed. See, I'm a PvPer and since PvP is atrociously borked in this game, I tried to run with the guild just for fun. Not even PvE players should be satisfied with these game-breaking bugs. We just stopped trying out of pure frustration. How do these things get overlooked, not only by Bioware themselves, but during the extensive beta test?


I don't get how you expect us to complete this when we literally can't. It just isn't functioning, at all.

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My guild experienced the some of those bugs and more. After an hour of some of the "buggiest" mechanics we decided to skip EV from here on out. It is not worth the time and frustration when Karagga's Palace.


Once the bugs started appearing our gm sent in a ticket about it and BW's response was to please skip the boss and continue progression elsewhere. This is highly annoying considering a "bug patch" was recently put out with new content. This is setting a bad precedent for such a new game. By not ensuring op content is completable, many "raiders" will lose interest and could possibly unsub. Sorry to bring in the unsub argument but this is the simple truth of it.


List of bugs we experienced

1. Panels on the second tier of Soa's platform were missing (between 2 and 3 panels)

2. Mindtraps were not appearing on screen (ie, players were placed in the trap but the graphic did not appear so you had to hunt for the wonderful nameplate)

3. Loot no dropping for 1 player with all the bosses except Soa being killed. 1 other piece of loot should have been dropped for that player.



As a guild we have decided not to waste our time with this encounter, this should be a clear statement and I hope BW gets it's act together. I believe that bug fixes for current content supersedes new content. Why bother putting out new content when the current content is buggy and cannot be completed. Where is the motivation to go into a new level of content when the current is bugged?

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I encountered your third bug with the missing floor pieces 2 times in a row today, the thrid time it was ok and we killed him. Just repeat and hope it is not buggy, we tried the last boss about 8 times today. It can be frustating cause you wipe and it's not your fault i agree.
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What's even cooler is when you finally defeat the bug enrage and he doesn't even drop loot. Then you also have the ability to reset him and kill him over and over and over and over and over for no loot but it's good practice I guess......
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Sounds familiar, ran a pug last night


First time running got him to 8%, he mind traps the tank and disappears

Second time got him to 12%, mind traps the tank, disappears

third time the 2nd stage didn't form properly and when he broke it everyone died

fourth time we just got impatient dropping down and a few of us fell off platforms

fifth time he mindtraps the tank, off-tank picks him up, he enrages at 2% and vanishes completely


so we've decided his enrage mechanic is '**** you guys, I'm out of here'

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