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Missing medalion, founder title.


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Just curious really.


I saw some people that were running around with the title. I look, no in game mail for me and I know I meet the requirements, heck I met them even before those that paid with a CC.


Although some of this does not apply to being eligible still going to post it.


Was in Beta

My early access started on Dec. 16.

Picked up mine and my Gf's CE on the 20th and at that time bought 2, 2 month game cards.

Entered my game code and at the same time entered in the number on the game card in total giving me 3 months game time.

Still playing as if I wasn't I couldn't have seen the founder after the players name.


so just wondering are these going out slowly or is there some issues with them being issued.


As I said just curious at this point.

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