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G4-83 Heavy Fabricator Guide

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This is a quick guide for the G4-83 Heavy Fabricator boss I made on my blog.


Here's a video to accompany this post


The droid boss G4-83 Heavy Fabricator was one of the four new bosses added in patch 1.1 and is the fourth boss is the Karagga’s Palace operation. I wrote this quick guide to accompany the video and explain the puzzle portion of it.To start the puzzle, someone needs to click the panel in the rear of the room. This will illuminate the three panels in the front. The way the puzzle works is relatively simple: There are three columns and three separate icons. The icons need to be placed in descending order (1, 2, 3) from top to bottom. Once the icons are placed in order in the column you want, you can hit the blast switch panel and fire off the flame jet for that particular section. When you click on a panel, the icon on that side will move into the top box. If there is an icon in the top box, clicking on a panel will move it into that column, on top of any icons that may or may not be in it.


To start the encounter you need to blast the boss with the flame jet; therefore, you want to activate the panel on the right hand side. When you hit the boss with the flame jet, he turns red and becomes vulnerable. All DPS needs to be on the boss at this point. As soon as the vulnerability wears off, three ranged dps need to be on top working the puzzle while the tank pulls the boss to the next section. While it’s possible to use any of the flame jets, we found it easiest to just go back and forth between the right and middle sections. Blast the boss again and it’s rinse and repeat.


The fight requires two tanks. He puts a stacking debuff on each tank. The second tank should taunt the boss off the first tank around 4-5 stacks. Just switch back and forth after that when the debuff wears off. The boss will periodically summon some stun drones and proximity drones. The proximity drones should be avoided while the stun drones should be immediately killed by the dps not doing the puzzle. He will also shoot an explosive dart at someone from time to time. It cannot be cleansed, so just avoid other party members if you get shot with it.


This fight requires a great deal of coordination between party members, but is relatively simple once you figure out the technique.

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