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Let us queue for our favorite Warzone


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It's been said and done before. (In WoW). Link the pvp servers so all warzones are filled with players from all servers. (WoW even did this for instances/raids/dungeons, and it was amazing.)


I know I'm sick of huttball personally. If they deleted that warzone from the game I would never miss it.


Also, I personally think the lvl requirement for pvp warzones should be put to 20 not 10. Having 1 talent point and about 1/10'th of your skills really makes you a bit of a dead weight to the rest of the team. I know if I see a lvl 10 on the other team I start nuking em even as a healer cuz they fall super fast.


Either that, or perhaps divide the pvp into brackets of 10-19/20-29/30-39/40-49/50. The bracket idea would probably only work well if they opened the pvp to fill from all servers though.

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