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look up either:


Logitech http://www.logitech.com/en-gb/home




Razer http://www.razerzone.com/


as gaming hardware. Razer is the higher quality of the 2 for gaming keyboards and mice but its also more expensive. Logitech is a bit cheaper, but its stuff is STILL worth buying and it also has a slightly wider variety of gaming equipment to purchase.


TBH IF your keyboard is viable for everyday use and you wouldn't otherwise replace it, i would consider getting a G13 from logitech, its basically a gamepad with 22 fully customizable buttons as well as an analogue stick and the 2 buttons next to it:




I use the analogue stick to represent QEWS keys for movement, obviously using my mouse to 'look' and turn, then i have buttons 1-9, in the centre, similar to how your keyboard num pad is set up. With the shift key so easy to reach however, i can VERY easily use 1-9, Shift 1-9 and then of course all my normal additional keybinds of FGT, Shift FGT, Shift-Spacebar with N, M, P and K for skills, map, crew skills and talent tree on the other side again, for quick access.


The point of it though, is that you can set it up how YOU want to, so you can choose what keyboard buttons you would map to each key.

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For a keyboard within a reasonable price range, I can only recommend the Lycosa, or the slightly downgraded version Arctosa (no backlight on keys).


The rubberised surface is really comfortable for long hours of use, and it offers macro ability on all keys (though not as easily set up as some keyboards does), and there's anti ghosting on the WSAD keys - a nice feature for PvP.

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i like some of the razer stuff u posted, and am looking into a keyboard and mouse from them, stuff looks cool... which one would ya reccomend aside from the lycosa model?


nm ive decided to go with a naga / anansi combo, or something very very similar from logitech but will probably grab the razer's... thanks for ur help peeps!!!

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