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Rail gun issues


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So ive been keeping tracks of my damage output with Rail gun.. and even though i have 90% armourpierce it seems that most of the time (when i do not crit) i deal less damage then the skills tool states.. even though the skill should do X damage + Weapon damage.

This is in pvp and in pve it seems to not work at all!

Another thing that annoys me with the skill is that it is suposed to be instant but it seems to take for ever to trigger... takes like 1,5 seconds from when i hit the hotkey untill the skill hits... worse than Project (sage skill) even... anyone else have these issues? or some kind of explination on why the damage seems low and skill triggering seems slow... other than poor animations.


What im thinking is that Silver/gold/champions have an incorperated damage reduction thats not based on an armour value and thats why the damage is poor in pve.

And maybe it is nerfed in pvp or it only recalculates armour rating but something is wrong in the code so it doesent recalculate the damage reduction due to armour..


Example.. Its suposed to do roughly 1800 + Weapon damage in pvp.. i run around doing about 800-1200 on normal hits in pvp..

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yeah i know Expertice will upp the dmg.. but if i have 90% armour pierce with an attack that deals 1800+weapon damage and it hits for 800 something must be "wrong"


Say my weapon damage + bonus damage + 1800 from skill = 2500 then me hitting for 800 would be a 70% damage reduction.. and that would mean that 10% of my targets armour would be enough to reduce my damage 70%.. sounds very wrong.

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