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So if SWTOR is so bad, what else do i play?


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Good MMOs don't exist anymore. The mainstream demands that the genre be made into casual, flawed, meaningless experiences and so there is little to choose from. Kind of like wanting to see a good movie at the cinema but all that are out is bad action films.
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Sounds boring, i need something i can invest years into, like ya know... an MMO.


After starcraft 1, and warcraft 3, we'll never see another great competitive RTS :(


See you mention Broodwar and I was all :D


Then you mentioned the game that murdered the Warcraft RTS series and I was like D:



Brooward or War2BNE I'd play.


*EDIT -- leaving the typo, I have no clue how that d got so far behind, the woes of fast typing.

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