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OP/Smuggler lol


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OP/Scoundrel changes did not go far enough. I started an OP on Friday and played him over the weekend to 24, and I am wrecking in pvp. It's so funny how OPs can complain when they have heals, energy regen...energy regen that heals, while still being able to dish out a crapton of damage....so funny. And now the latest talking point is that the reduced stun shouldn't fill the resolve bar...NEWSFLASH: the resolve bar was never filled in the first place.


I'm going to keep playing it because they didn't go far enough. I'm going to show them how OP the class continues to be. And more nerfs will come. It will be glorious. The real treat is reading all the complaining on the class boards. And the denial, the sweet sweet denial. Like popcorn for the soul.


Thank you BW for making this the greatest game ever! And also making the changes that need to be made. Looking forward to the next round.


lol thats pretty sad. Probably should get out more lol

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