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Some UI improvements that would make life easier


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Chat System:


  • Allow me to rename the first chat tab.
  • Don't change the chat tab to the first one, whenever I load a new planet, remember my most recently selected chat tab.
  • Highlight tab titles when new text appears in an unselected chat tab.
  • Allow each chat tab to have a different "send to" channel selected. (e.g. I have separate tabs for Guild and Party chats, I want to talk to the respective channel when I select a tab, without having to select a chat channel with additional clicks - it gets tedious)
  • If I join a party and the "send to" channel changes to party, when I leave the party, don't default back to "General" chat. Remember what chat channel I previously had selected.
  • Create an All-encompassing galactic-wide chat channel, that everyone, empire and republic can converse in. Create two more galactic faction-specific channels.
  • Item links should open in their own window, instead of every link reusing the same window. If I am linked two items I want to compare, only having one item's stats visible at a time makes it a chore.
  • Item links should also display an image of the item. Currently, if I am offered some moddable armour by a crafter, I have no way of knowing what it would look like before it's made.


Guild List:


  • Show AFK/LFG status for members in guild.
  • Allow player crafting profession to be shown (as an option like "Last Played" etc.).
  • Allow the list to be scrolled via the mousewheel.




  • Don't auto-popup the companion mission completion window when:
    • I'm in combat. (It might not be intended, but it's happening during combat)
    • I have windows already open. (I don't know how many times I've been writing bug reports to have these pop up, losing all the text I typed. I also have to keep re-entering search criteria on the GTN)

    Instead, just have the pending alert in the top-right corner.


  • Allow me to move around the companion hotbar abilities. (I would like to have my most frequently used companion abilities in the first 4 slots, in particular, attack/passive/stances)



Customer Help interface:


  • Don't hard-code the keybinding for the ticket interface. We should be allowed to customise our keyboard the way we want it, not how developers want it. There is always the big questionmark icon on the top menu, even if no keybinding is set.
  • Don't hide tickets from their creators when they are escalated. Instead duplicate the ticket for internal use, so that the creator can continue to update the ticket and provide more feedback.




  • Allow me to create my own bookmarks on the map.
  • When looking at a regional view on the map, also show the neighbouring regions.




  • Allow me to read mail at any time from any location. I don't mind being restricted by a mailbox for access to attachments and credits, sending, or even deleting mails.

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