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1.1.1: You just turned Ops/Sroundrels into Resto Druids.


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My Operative is heal spec so I can't really comment on dps specced operatives. However..


I will say I do feel extremely squishy and get frustrated a lot. People need to help me!! I hope they don't do big nerfs that hurt op healers cuzz man it's tough sometimes.

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OPs were overpowered. Period.


If you think any class should be able to kill a tank in three hits or kill any class before they can get up/move...


I don't feel your pain.


Well have fun when whatever class you were playing gets clobbered with the nerf bat without even the decency of thorough testing. Look at what happened to Ilum with 1.1, and they're proposing three not-insignificant nerfs to Operatives all at once.

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