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Two glaring bugs that need to be fixed asap ( obviously affect PvP the most )


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1) De-targetting of your current target, which occurrs randomly after a knockback or any stun in general. It's extremely annoying and doubtfully an intended feature.



2) Sometimes you're not able to use a spell even though it's ready, you're not CC'd, and you're in range ( heck, this goes for instant cast self-buff spells too ).


Deselecting your current target "fixes" this bug and abilities are able to be correctly used for a while again ( or if you have no target, you need to target something for this to be fixed ). This, coupled with bug #1, is also extremely annoying. It randomly pops up again afterwards.



There's obviously a lot of changes yet to come ( and they need to come asap, seeing this game needs to get off the bad foot it landed on ), but these 2 are the most glaring bugs that make PvP unenjoyable, besides the obvious ability delay bug.

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Bump. Also :


- using your CC break ability triggers a GCD of 2 seconds, unless you drop and re-target your target, making trinketting out of some CC literally pointless, as you can't respond quickly to the situation you are in


- abilities which shouldn't trigger global cooldown, sometimes trigger the generic GCD of 1.5 seconds



Just another two. This is coming from a person who has i7 2600k, 8 GB DDR3 RAM, GTX480 and internet connection which pings to my home server with 70 ms, so no, nothing of this is connected to a weak PC or game lag.

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instant melee abilities not instant


this one irks me more than I can express. wait for 29%- to assassinate and a heal brings the person back to 30%+ so I wasted my time flailing my lightsaber above my head like a ninnie. this exact situation may be due to lag of me or the server or both, who knows. worse is assassinating someone at 1% and a heal gets off before I do it and they aren't killed. if its not an instant strike dont tell me its an instant ability. if it IS instant then I do it when I press the button, not 1.5 seconds later giving enough time to hit a medpack or an instant heal (for the specially skilled) or for a cast time heal to sneak in for the lucky.

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