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Tier 3 PvE Weapons.


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Hi there,


I'm sure this issue has been brought up before, but after doing multiple searches with way too many results and not being able to find anything regarding this on the first few pages of search results, i figure'd i'll post something.


What i would like to know is; if we can actually expect these to be sorted out anytime soon.

More and more people are gearing up and doing Hard Mode Operations, and the Tier 3 PvE weapons still have a rating of 126 instead of the 140 they should be.


So what's up with this? i have unassembled T3 weapons sitting in my bags cause they do not have any use right now.

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don't expect to get an answer for that. tickes will be closed with the standard term "have a look at the patchnotes"


it simply seems that the developers are not able to answer that or to fix it.



the funny part of this is that the datamined values on the t3 wapons are corret. so where are they come from?!

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