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Why do so many complain about/hate SW:TOR?


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Really, its the same reason people feel the need to name-call and drag down others somewhat different than they are.


A person with a low self-esteem, does not feel better about themselves, unless they are pointing out why everything else around them is worse than they are. It gives them a false sense of superiority.


Any comments than go against what they say, only raises their ire, and they argue more for their unrealistic perspective of things.


If Champions Online is still going, SW:TOR will be going ten times longer.


Champions Online was released with all end-game content broken/unfinished, the game had more balance issues than a one-armed acrobatic troupe, and more bugs than a New York rent-control building.


Yet, 3 years later, you can still buy it and play it.


SW:TOR is here to stay. Accept it, the words of complainers and trolls cannot dissuade those of us enjoying it, and offering constructive criticism to Bioware on how to improve it.


But, by all means, trolls, don't stop posting, your posts are a large source of good entertainment on these forums, and you're making the forum mods earn their pay. ;)

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Hello everyone,


We are closing this thread. While we understand that people can be frustrated with the community at times, please understand that threads like this, while made with good intentions, tend to draw out people who wish to be overly negative and incite flames. In the future, please create threads that encourage gameplay discussion and not ones which criticize the community.


We appreciate your understanding that we've closed this thread!

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