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Add a transmog feature


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We've got orange gear which does the trick, if you'd like the looks of your old gear, you change get the mods out of your new gear, and put them inside your old gear.


The orange gear system is way better than transmog because it allows you to do this with any orange gear, even with lvl 10 gear, not like other MMO's which only allow you to change your looks back to a previous end game set of gear.


The cartel market even offers empty shells of orange gear sets, as do they come with cartel packs (for example the revan set), whiith the only purpose to give you the option to change the looks of your gear to this set, but remain your stats by putting your own mods in it :) .

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But many armors - and, I'm afraid, some of the better looking ones, are armor class restricted. As far as I'm concerned, this restriction is completely pointless - those of us who advocate this are in favor of greater customization, which, as far as I've seen, never hurt any game. It's not like some other game where you have no other way to identify a class but by their armor.
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