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Endgame Still Sucks


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So I've been level 50 for a few weeks now. Got some gear, got myself a Champion set and almost a Columni set. Still need the Columni pants but my orange piece has all purples in it so eh whatever.


Hey BioWare want to tell me exactly what I can do right now that's fun? Eternity Vault and Karagga's palace on Normal are both on lockout. Not doing a hard mode run till Sunday night. I don't feel like doing Hard Mode Flashpoints because I've already done them all a million times, and I already checked out the new Flashpoint.


PvP is pretty much broken. I go to Ilum and it's nothing but a massive blob of Imperials waiting outside so doing anything is more or less death. Sure there's warzones but there's only three of them. If I want instanced PvP I'd just load up an FPS or a MOBA game.


Don't feel like rerolling. I'm not an alt person. There's nothing to do in this game. For an MMO that's been 6 years in the making it's kind of sad that the endgame didn't get the care and dedication that the rest of the game got. Hey BioWare I'll let you in on something, this isn't a singleplayer RPG. This isn't like a regular RPG where when you beat it you're done. This is an MMO where when you get to the end you've got things to do.


Anyone else at endgame bored?

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