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Artificing schematic list


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So I just hit 400 Artificing and finished spending over 100k to train all my 380/400 schematics.


Now, I just counted and there are 48 green quality level 49 schematics. Why do we need that many? That would equal 144 different L49 enhancements if you learn all the blue and purple qualities. That's just the max level enhancements that are trainable, which isn't even L50. If you add the OTHER levels available to make, you're looking at a list of over 500 enhancements to sort through whenever someone wants something.


That's just the enhancements.


The hilts are a shorter list, but still suffers the same problems.


The wieldables, same thing. I play an assassin tank. I can't even make an End/WP shield generator. WHY? I can make every other stat combination in the world, why not one that's useful to me?


Why are we unable to train anything L50 that doesn't come from a raid boss? We should be able to craft gear and enhancements that get us ready for raiding. Raids should drop better quality ones.


I understand we can do dailies to get our enhancements, but then why even bother training level 49 enhancements? or level 47 ones?


We can't make color crystals past L47.


The list of things to sort through is quite preposterous, as is the fact that I can't make items that my class needs, as is the fact that we can't craft stuff that's on par with things we get after doing 5 quests every day.


Now, I'm just Artificing. My alts haven't touched crafting yet. Do other crafting professions suffer from this same problem?


IMO the list should be vastly shrunken down and instead of enhancements that have the same stats w/ different numbers, the stat values should be randomly chosen.

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