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BUG: Healing generating threat from 100yds when sending companion to attack


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I don't know if this was reported already.


How to reproduce: As a healer, stand 100yds or so from a mob, target it and send ur companion to attack (to be on the safe side just disable all ur companion abilities). while ur companion start moving toward the mob, heal or shield it, and the mob will immediately aggro on you, and start attacking you.


This is easy to reproduce by using a "Focus cast modifier", which is the way I use to solo content, I just set my companion on focus frame and use the focus modifier to heal/shield it without switching targets. As a healer you can imagine how annoying and frustrating this bug is, especially when attacking group of mobs, as they all start running towards you to attack , and ur companion isn't even close to them.


Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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