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What am I doing wrong here?


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I play a consular shadow in infiltration spec and I love it, but I ALWAYS seem to have trouble with Gold/elite enemies. I try over and over until after maybe the tenth time I die and I'm basically forced into asking someone for help. and while I don't mind asking for help I don't think I should have to unless the quest says it's a group quest. This leads me to believe that I'm doing something horribly wrong. Heres my skill priority list on elites...


Channel The Force

Force Stun for interrupting channels and ****

Force Potency

Saber Strike if my force is low

Spinning Strike if I've finally got them to low health

Shadow Strike when find weakness pops

Force Breach every time i can

Project after two clairvoyant strikes

Clairvoyant strike


of course Force of Will when I get stunned too


Typically on elites I have my healer out, considering all my other companions are seemingly useless in these fights.


Anything I'm doing wrong? I don't want to be one of those people who complains about how bad my classes dps is when it's possible I just suck. I would really appreciate the help!

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use combat technique on elites not shadow (yeah I know it sucks, I want to play as a rogue not a tank). always interrupt their casts (mind snap, if on cooldown, use a CC, low slash, force stun etc.)...don't try to burst them down, try to outlive them by always interrupting and CC them... Edited by LanceGabriell
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