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Black Flashing - Bug post 1.1!


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Not sure if anyone else is noticing this. I know my girlfriend and a few friends are.


During gameplay the screen will flash black as if all visual information was lost for a moment. This has only been happening after the last patch. It happens on my nVidia/Intel setup and my girlfriends ATI/AMD setup. I can't imagine it is driver issues. It is definitely within the game engine. Not only will these black flashes occur every few moments, sometimes your character disappears and the sound cuts out.


I have tried deleting client files from the game folders to reset settings, install a clean set of drivers (Sound, Video, etc.) Pretty much I gave the devs the benefit of the doubt on this one trying to prove it was something on my end, from what I can tell, it's an engine bug.


Can anyone else confirm this? Quite annoying really.

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