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Please Remove PvP Rewards on Ilum


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(until it's working as intended.)


This is a request to please remove all PvP rewards from Ilum until it is completely WORKING AS INTENDED.


Since launch, this PvP planet has been rewarding players for either NOT PvPing or Exploiting the Ilum system.


This broken system on Ilum needs to be completely REMOVED OR DISABLED until it is fixed, and rewarding players for legitimate PvP.


Thank you, and please consider this...

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They should have either

a) left it how it was while they designed something that wasn't completely awful

or b) completely shut down the zone.


I still cannot believe they didn't shut down servers instantly and done a rollback. How stupid can you possibly be?


Now they have done irreparable damage to the pvp.


Im just glad they did it the day before billing, saved me 15 bucks. Oh and after that slap to the face of grinding out BM, theyll never see me again.

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I dunno, on warriors of shadow it was fun as hell today. We had even numbers, and the Republic was spanking the Empire terribly. When I joined, the Empire was at our base. When I left 2 hours later, the Republic was at the Sith's end of the map, destroying them at a GY. Funny how the tables turned when the numbers evened out.
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