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I Thought Anti-Aliasing Was Being Added To Graphics Options With U1.1?


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They didn't add a lot of AA, that's clearly visible.

It's also a bit of a market scam in my eyes.


1: You got different types of AA , non is given.


2: AA is done by numbers not low-high, some call 8 high others 32.

In Biowares case it's most likely 2.



Anyway for nvidia users.

Don't put AA on in game and get NVIDIA inspector.



Go to compatibility


Put both antialiasing compatibilities on S.T.A.L.K.E.R



Next under antialiasing


Put Behavior Flags on none and AA mode on Override any application setting.

From there on you can toy around with antialiasing mode and supersampling.



I'm using 8xS (Combine 1x2 SS +4 MS) and 2x Sparse Grid Supersampling.

It looks alright and my GFX card is heating up a bit less and the game looks decent.






If you use Supersampling keep an eye on your GFX card, it heats up a lot since it's a bit of a 'brute force' method.


100% agree, use Nvidia inspector. I have a similar setup, but was using 8xQ and Multisampling. I shall give your settings a shot, but suspect I may take too much of a performance hit from supersampling over multisampling.


Anyway, thoroughly recommended for nvidia users.

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even then AF does a LOT in this game as well.




Indeed, but AF is a better way doing part of the same thing as LOD adjustment since you don't get shimmering/flickering by it.

AA does not work well if you are used to 8x and 16x AA and got a card that can drag it.

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Forcing 32x CSAA with nvidia inspector plus Transparency Multisampling unfortunately does not look as good as forcing AA through the .ini file did before patch 1.1.

(also, in some areas of the game, it introduces a thin stripe to the upper left and middle edge of the screen in the colors of what is seen in the game environment. not really noticeable while playing but obviously indicates a bug. also happens to me in cutscenes)


Is there any way to force AA through the .ini again with the AntiAliasingLevel = 16 command?


In my ini file, AA is automatically set at AntiAliasingLevel = 1, ingame setting on high and changing it to higher values seems not to work.

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something is definitely strange here.


I forced 16x AA with the ini tweak before the patch and it looked beautiful. Now after the patch, with the ingame setting on high there is definitely more aliasing in the game, some objects do not seem to get properly anti aliased at all.


And I could swear it is giving me a performance hit, at least when many player characters are on screen. Didn't notice that before either.


Anyone else seeing a difference between the ini-tweak and the ingame setting?


yeh ive noticed its been hit with the even more ugly stick that normal with the ingame aa. Im gonna go force it back on via the ini file.

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yeh ive noticed its been hit with the even more ugly stick that normal with the ingame aa. Im gonna go force it back on via the ini file.


please tell us if it works for you. changing the value from 1 to higher doesn't seem to work for me.

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I had mine forced through Catalyst before the patch. I turned that off and put my setting on "High" in the game and I have to say, it looked like garbage. That can't be more than 2x anti-aliasing. So I turned it back off in the game and went back to forcing it with Catalyst.
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I am also unable to force anti alising through the ini, even after setting the file as "read only".


Unfortunately the only other way to force aa on an nvidia card is through Nvidia Inspector which now has its own problems.


It does increase the AA to a suitable level but it also causes graphical corruption. The effects on things are gone which means no lightsabers, no blaster bolts.


For now all I am able to do is use the in game aa which is weak at best.

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Aliasing = stair stepping of angled lines drawn on visually descrete pixels.

Anti-aliasing = blurring of screen (more or less) to hide the stair stepping, generally at the cost of noticeable frame rate.


Personally, I always turn AA off. My monitor's pixel size is small enough that I don't notice the aliasing, so no reason to waste frame rate on trying to remove it.


But thanks for the thread, went in, and apparently the default on my system was "High". Could explain a few things.


Then you Sir are either blind, technically ignorant or elsewise. Turn AA off LMAO. I remember arguments like that from the past when people said: 'I do not need AA I have 1280x1024 resolution. Why would I need AA?'


Sorry makes me crack up to this day. Hearing it here and now is rather.....retro.


Take care and have fun.

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