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[HELP] Where to find Aluminium Salvage


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Hello forum, I need your help.


I am crafting some low level items and because Reverse Engineering is a real ***** of a mother in law I ended up wasting my entire Aluminium Salvage stock (about 500 units of Laminoid and nearly as much Aluminium).


I could run missions to obtain what I need, but Bountiful or Rich missions are illusive and dont provide nearly as much material I burn through in a single... sigh.... Reverse Engineering effort.



I know of locations on Dromund Kaas and Balmorra where I can get my aluminium fix, but they are either inefficient or insufficient and I just have arrived on Taris.



Where should farm for several hours in order to get my Aluminium fix and I need a whole load of it.





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I feel that the empire control some of the poorest location in whole galaxy.


On Alderaan I was exploring and went into Republic territory (killed two low levels by accident) and literately stumbled upon heaps of Phobium Barrels, each in a stone throw of another.

Never have I been able to find that much Phobium in one place and I found a lot of places to farm salvage.






Though aluminium remains a problem, there is a heroic that provide aluminium droids? On dromund kaas I assume???

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