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A list of how to get people over to the Republic


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1. Add some Republic-only races. I suggest being able to play as a Wookie and a droid.


2. Make the fighting animations equal on both sides.


3. Make the Republic people have cooler gear. Even let them have really dark and evil looking clothing. I would love to play as a dark Jedi with an evil-looking outfit.


4. People will always want to be the bad guy, so let them have that option on the Republic side. Let players feel like a ****** Sith.


5. Change some of the Jedi moves so they look cooler. What is more appealing, throwing debris at someone (debris includes old droids and ship parts) or shooting lighting? And force choke looks way cooler than my Jedi's stun, which just makes someone grab their knees and shake.


Stop favoring the Empire and let's fix this imbalance!

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