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3 Solution to Faction population imbalance for Ilum, take your pick


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Its a known fact that a lot of servers are imbalanced in terms of how many Active Imperials are online at any given time vs Republics.

I can think of 3 solutions for the faction imbalance in Ilum just off the top of my head that seem some what viable. I know Bioware can get there but this is my feedback to them.



1. First and what I consider the ideal solution for Ilum is simple. If Bioware can control the population side Per side Per instance. Limit the number of total players per side to 24 per instance. That way both sides have an even and realistic number they can get. I don't know what the patch today chanced the max pop down to and I don't know if its per side, but even if its 100 players per side, Republic, at least on my server will never be able to reach that. 24 is still a large number of players, its the max size of an op.


2. Based on population % allow x number of players what ever makes up the % imbalance on the lower end to use Companions. It would give companions an actual use at 50. Companions are no where near as effective as an additional player but at least it would even out a bit of the imbalance.


3. The "buff" solution, same as number 2, lower end % just gets a % buff to their hp for the % they are down. There is not as much damage output still from the lower populated faction. but at least it minimizes the imbalanced dps in fights.


**edited for grammar and spelling, I never reread before submitting... I'm terrabad.

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Instead of buffing the entire underwhelmed faction they can just allow people to control "Heroes" similar to Rangers in LOTRO. By basing the amount of and refresh duration each faction has access to these heroes on population numbers, it allows siege breaking techniques regardless of the current unbalance. 50 Imps vs 25 Reps and 3 Heroes with 250k+ HP means 1v1 encounters are preserved and the large zerg fights are balanced.
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You want to turn illum into a Warzone. I don't oppose it, but then you have no meaningful objective based pvp which some people want.


I don't know if this statement was for or against any of the proposed solutions. But I personally would not call 24 vs 60 meaningful or objective based. There is an imbalance is there not? If you disagree that there is not, then I can understand why none of these solutions would make sense. But assuming you can see the imbalance in 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 ratios of players, and that that ratio will not change if left alone. Then how do you purpose it becomes balanced, or meaningful?

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You want to turn illum into a Warzone. I don't oppose it, but then you have no meaningful objective based pvp which some people want.


Not sure how being 4:1 out numbered is meaningful objective based pvp.

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this is a selection of ideas that both i and others have come up with that could help with the problems that exist in the game. they are by no means a "one tool fixes everything", and certainly they are just a starting point to go on.


so let's start with the current problems, some are fixable, others aren't...

  1. this is a two faction game - this cannot be fixed, it's way too late to change it, and it will be there forever... if you don't like that, there are other games that are different. find them.
  2. there are population imbalances - due to being a two faction game, this will always be apparent, whether the difference is large or small depends largely on the playerbase but there are things Bioware can do to remedy it somewhat.
  3. faction pride - because you can roll both factions on the same server, the majority of players will feel very little pride in their own faction, there is no ownership or accountability. if you don't like how things are going... just alt on the other faction for a while! rather than actually try to push the rest of your faction to rally together.
  4. the powerful get more powerful - currently due to game mechanics, the dominant faction has an easier time becoming more powerful, this has the knock on effect of making the underdog side feel even less inclined to compete... why compete when you're almost certain to lose, right?
  5. pvp stats - a controvertial issue to be sure, many people feel it's necessary, many feel the opposite, we can explore it but it's doubtful that there will ever be a solution that everybody likes. sometimes the minority might have to tip it's head to the majority.
  6. vertical progression - intrinsically tied into MMO's nowadays, especially ones that heavily involve pve content, is vertical progression... this is due to the mindset of most players that they simply "want bigger numbers". this is something that is quite possibly the biggest problem in PVP in any game, and always will be.


so let's tackle each issue one at a time, make some sense of it, and see what we can do to potentially solve the issue.


1. two faction game.


As i stated above, this will not change, it's too late to even think about it, sorry... however it is heavily tied into...


2. population imbalance.


Because this is a two faction game, one side will invariably outnumber the other. there are a few things that the developer can do to remedy the issue, such as imposing hard-caps on server factions, giving bonuses to the underdog faction, give penalties to the overpopulated faction, imposing instance limits per faction. but ultimately it all comes down to the players choice. regardless of anything the developer does, it's the player who makes the choice to roll on either faction.


3. cross faction players.


the ability to roll both factions on the same server is the most detrimental thing in any pvp game. it promotes "spying", and it also dissolves any form of "faction pride" that could ever have existed. it results in a fractured community of players who neither trust each other, or even in some cases want to even talk to each other. it makes organising the underdog realm very difficult as any potential gathering could be leaked to the dominating faction with disasterous results.


4. the great snowball.


this actually ties three things in together, each one is bad on it's own but when combined they make for a snowball that just gets bigger and bigger until it becomes unmanageable. it's sad to say that we're almost at that point already! but what are those three things?

  • pvp stats
  • vertical progression
  • imbalanced populations


we've already covered population imbalance to a degree, but in this context it's important to note that due to current game mechanics, the overpopulated realm is just reaping huge rewards with little penalty. they're able to capture and hold all the objectives, whilst simultaniously dominate the underdog faction due to pure numbers, on top of all this, when (for example) 40 people "tag" a single enemy combatant, when that person dies all 40 people get the same reward as if only one person had made the kill... this is unacceptable by ALL standards. combine this with vertical progression, and not only do the dominant faction have an easier time getting higher tiered gear, but when they get there they become more powerful, making them not only harder to kill but also making it easier to kill the underdogs. and to top it all off, there's a pvp stat involved... one of the worst things to grace mmo's everywhere has been addopted here, and what it means now, is that because higher tiered gear has higher base stats, AND a higher allotment of pvp stats, the dominating realm is well and truly on its way to being unbeatable. when "new 50's" come into the fold, there really will be no place for them, and no means for them to challenge the overpopulated side.


But what can we do about allof this? nothing, it's in Biowares hands... and god i hope they can fix it. I'm sure they have ideas of their own, but then i'm also sure they thought the ideas they've already tried were good ones. disregarding the fact, of course, that those ideas both tried and failed in other games...


So, here are a few suggestions that might make BioWares life easier. a couple of things they could do to make things more enjoyable for players and make the game a better place all round.


1. Heavily incentivise the underdog faction by doing the following:

  • when the serverwide population is imbalanced by 1.5:1 or greater, grant a +100% valor bonus SERVER WIDE to the underdog faction.
  • when the instance population is imbalanced by 1.25:1 or greater, grant a 25% valor bonus which scales up to 400% when the population imbalance reaches 4:1.
  • make valor per kill, and the bonus attached to it, become divided by the amount of players involved in the kill. so rather than 40 players gaining (20 valor + 180 valor bonus) for killing a single player, they would instead recieve (1 valor + 5 valor bonus) each. this will round UP to the nearest whole number.


this will grant a NON stat oriented incentive for the underdogs to get out there and fight. it will mean that in the absolute worst case scenario of being outnumbered by 4:1 or greater, the underdog will recieve the same valor per kill than the dominating faction will, even if the dominating faction controls all the objectives. it will also promote the idea that you are better off roaming in small groups looking for good even fights, than you are blobbing up in an almighty zerg, since you will gian less valor per kill as a zerg.


2. remove pvp stats from the game immediately, and do the following for a patch in the near future:

  • tag Tionese, Columi, and Rakata gear, so that as soon as they enter a warzone, or initiate pvp, they recieve a 5% debuff to all stats. this would work similarly to how a player gets tagged with a trauma debuff when fighting, and the debuff vanishes when combat ends.


i realise many people see pvp stats as a way for pvp players to compete with pve players who have better stats on their gear due to the progression of pve gear. i get that, it's a reasonable argument. but it's been dealt with in completely the wrong way. what it's ended up doing is alienating any and all players who don't have the gear now, or in future, who are going to be faced up against high level players, probably on a dominant side, and it just all mounts up to having too much work to do, for too little gain.


there is still "progression" for all of those who wish to have it. the pvp gear still has tiers of stats, so you still get more numbers. but you will still struggle to complete high end pve content due to having lower stats than the pve sets. while at the same time, the pve gear will be great for pve, but will be on-par with the pvp sets, so there is no unfair advantage in that regard.


due to the way the bolster system works in warzones, this would also allow them to remove the 50 bracket, decreasing queue times to a globally accepted level, with minimal problems (after all, without expertise, there's little difference between fighting a 49 or a 50 with the bolster system as it averages out stats, moving high stats down where needed).


thanks for reading, i hope someone somewhere takes some notice.


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