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Why GW2 isn't going to be great.


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I have read their Wikia page and I think you'd be disappointed:


The level cap has been raised to 80[5]. There will be a plateau of power, where each level no longer adds as much to the power of the character. A side-kick system has been mentioned which would allow characters of a lower level to play with high level characters without disadvantage. Conversely, higher level characters will have their power scaled down in areas designed for lower level players.


Translation: You magically become weaker if you venture into a certain area. Yeah, that makes much sense lol! "Hey Superman! Why can't you beat that giant alien robot!" Superman: "Because this is Smallville, so I'm somehow weaker here than I am in Metropolis!" Makes sense? That's what I thought.


"Furthermore, heals that affect allies are said to be much weaker than a player's 'self heal'. "


Yep, makes sense to have recup stronger than flash heal or whatever lol! Or if they mean healing allies with flash heal would be weaker than yourself than it still makes no sense from a logical standpoint.


"Structured PvP is similar to today's GvG. It will allow you to enter the game at maximum level with all skills, races, items and classes automatically unlocked. "


Translation: You'll be teleported to another dimension where your power is magically increased and you somehow learn new skills! When you get back to the "real" world you'd of course forget those skills and be significantly weaker.


They just give free handouts to players who haven't even earned said skills and power, which is earned by killing things and questing. You when you killed Deathwing and when you gave Johnny Awesome a quest are orders of magnitude apart in power.

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No, actually he is on exactly the right board. All these people praising GW2 before it's out just need to stop. Everyone did it for this game when they played another previous new MMO. And the same thing will happen in GW2 once that is released. Endless cycle.


Remember kids, the grass is not always greener on the other side.

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GW1 had instant-max level PvP characters as well, your point? Are you stupid? Do you even know what you're ranting about? And why?


GW1 was not an MMO. It was a multi-player game with massive chat rooms.

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