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SUGGESTION Asking for a survey. Sign if you agree


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Forum posts dont make people quit but the unsubs and statiting the very reasons do.


This is not a call of any boycott any unsub campaign which is pointless.


IMO, Bioware shall examine and try to understand why the gamers leave it and what do they say before quit. If they look at the reasons and see the "PvP" then the fingers point who is responsible of certain department.


Put aside the gaming industry thats how the job runs in RL. If someone trusted me on a matter and i fail then i'm the responsible. Simple as that...


There's no need to point Gabe and asking for his firing.


If i've been in shoes of Bioware' lead figures i'd call a public survey amongst the paying and quitted SWToR players. It's not that late to talk on doom n gloom but there are something needs to be fixed and even redesign before too late.


This is an open call for a survey Bioware,


Ask people what do they wish to see in game, what needs to be fixed and many more


If you're really care of your customers thoughts and expectations pleas do this,


Analyze that,


and tell us what are you gonna do about it.

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