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A whole bunch of ideas that I hope can be implemented.


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I have a whole bunch of ideas about the game that I hope to one day see. I will try to list them by category, I don't know if any devs will see this but it doesn't hurt to post it.




Same first names. - a player should be able to use the same first name for two different characters. This can be achieved by tying the name to the account rather than the character. So if I make a character named Joe, I can make another character named Joe on the same server. However, since I claimed that name no one else can use it. But if I delete my last character named Joe I lose the claim.


This is logical since the system is designed to prevent first names from being used twice probably to avoid confusion when someone sees Joe walk by as to which Joe it is. Since both Joes are me, it is not an issue.




Cargo Hold - Special Crafting Hold. Please make a special, seperate hold where all crafting materials from missions (ie. not gifts) are automatically placed in after a mission is done, so it is not cluttering the main cargo hold and does not go automatically go in my inventory so i don't have to cart it around until I find a cargo hold access terminal. These should be sortable by type or level.


Buyable Ships. You don't want to have the Fury? Then you can trade it in for another model, but it will cost you.


More Things to do on the ship. - I get the feeling the ship should be the players "home" but it feels like a vehicle. There should be more things to do in the ship, some of the rooms, like the bedroom have no purpose. It would be nice to give the ship more character than it has. Buyable inside ship upgrades that change the rooms and add more functional things to do aboard ship would be nice too. (Wish I could think of some great examples)




Vette - You are forced to take her collar off in order to progress the story. This is just plain sloppy writing. There should be some way in which she will slowly stop fighting you and accept her place as a slave. And if your affection is still high enough you can do her quests, with appropriate dialogue for her still being a slave. It seems highly unrealistic that a sith would remove their slave's collar just because the slave demanded it. The story should refelct this truth and not hit a dead end as result of following that philosophy.


Jaesa - Romance option for her being light, both sexes.


More Acts - 4,5,6. No prequel acts please.


Better Light Side/Dark Side Options. - I found my character drifting to the light side for the simple reason that she did not kill helpless innocents. I considered her a dark side character, but mindlessly killing everyone does not benefit her in any way, as a result she became more and more light side.


The options should be more complex than "kill innocents = evi, spare them = good." Once I decided to settle things with a duel rather than just killing them outright, why? Because alive and submissive they are an example to my power, dead they are a martyr to rally around. The motivation was what I call a dark side choice, it was not as clear as "I will duel you because I am honorable", or "I am evil so I kill you mercilessly" there other story related issues to consider.


While impossible to implement all possible options, I think there should be more options that consider the concept of "Doing the good and honorable thing, for evil and manipulative reasons" that could be implemented.




More Arenas - Enough Said.


The Ability to Chose Which Arena To Enter - Although the waiting line could be longer as a result.





Hiqh Quality Textures - I have a high end machine, and even though I can say the colours are beautiful the quality of the textures deplorable. The skin textures in particular are very bad. Please relase an optional high resolution texture package for people with high end machines.


Well I think that is all I can think of, I wish I could brainstorm more ideas from fellow player to submit to Bioware, so if anyone wishes to comment or add to this please do.

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