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I think the game is done in a manner unfairly! All changes to support the only party of the empire. Game developers unfairly favor the imperial faction. For a change "for the better" - led to the strengthening of the imperial faction (increase their asset). By the Imperial won best dressed. Making them the equivalent of a struggle now is impossible. Especially on warzonach. All the rebel now have a huge problem with winning any. Today I have not heard that anyone made ​​it happen. I therefore appeal to party rebellion to STRIKE! Do not let us go on and on Ilum brewed pvp. If the game designers did not take this into account, and will be favored empire, is warning resign within one month of subscription. If this does not help it for longer! The game should be balanced! Its developers if they want to earn it, they must take care of it!

Requests for game creators:

- Nerf overly preferred class - Sorcerer

- Solution to the problem of error creators of the game - an unfair increase of valor in the empire that destroyed the opportunity to establish an equal fight in pvp

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