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Would like to be able to Queue with 8 50s for server ranked warzones.


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If you would add ranked 8player warzones to this game I would be very very happy. Please make the Queue separate for ranked games.


Make the ranked games server only.

To preserve the strong community feeling we currently have.


This feeling is easily lost when you use cross server war zones/raids/etc. Currently everyone who war zones on my server knows everybody else.


There is a strong sense of who is who on our server and it is very enjoyable.


If you could make the reward for this simple that would be fine. Maybe like some new looking armor for each class but has the same stats as Battle Masters Gear. Still requires rank 60 valor to purchase but makes you stand out without the stat/expertise boost.


I think everyone would be happy with some more armor choices(for looks) for the PvP sets even without a stat gain/advantage.

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