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Not a fan of the new Quickslot display in 1.1


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I don't like the change in 1.1 to make abilities display lit up in a Quickslot while they are on cooldown. I tried to give this a chance as I assumed I just needed to get used to it, but finally realized that I don't like buttons being fully lit up when they are not available. I liked the old way better, where the ability was darkened out until I could use it. This is because due to the UI not being movable nor scalable, I have to use my peripheral vision to keep track of when abilities are on cooldown or not. It's easy to tell when lit up means available to use and darkened means not available to use. Now I can lose precious seconds by it being difficult to tell when abilities are not quite finished cooling down. Those seconds are getting me and/or my groupmates killed.


Curious of what others think about the change and any suggestions people may have to keep better track of whether or not abilities are still on cooldown. It would be nice if there could be a number displayed on the Quickslot indicating the number of seconds left for the cooldown of an ability in that quickslot. For longer cooldowns, it could just not show until the last 60 or 90 seconds left.

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