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Thanks BioWare!


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Short version:

I love this game!


Long version:

I played the game for a bit in the beta and for some reason I didn't like it, I'm not sure why, maybe I just wasn't in the right mood when I logged in. Any a couple of days ago I decided to sit down and watch some gameplay and review videos for ToR, 2 hours later and I was really getting in the mood to make the purchase.


Since then I've levelled a Trooper to 19, chosen the Commando path, played a pvp match, did a couple of space flight missions, sent companions on quite a lot of crew skill missions, completed pretty much all missions on Ord Mantell and Coruscent. It's all been a great experience and I've decided to swap my 1 month sub for the 6 month version (why no 12 month plan?).


Things I love the most: (spoilers possibly?)

How they have implemented the 'trade skills'

How they included romance.

Making a companion that is very useful and I actually care about!

The story arc that goes with my class (fantastic, really!)

The game world feels massive, I really wasn't expecting it to have such a good star wars feel to it.


The only thing I'd like to see added for now is a LFG tool.


Tank you BioWare, Keep up the good work guys and girls!

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MMOTotal, sorry are you someone important like a moderator?, I'm trying to figure out if I need to take your reply seriously.


Posting the same type of thread over and over again is against forum rules.



Stop posting your E-propaganda.

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