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Ilum... free valor 60 just roll empire


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That's right folks you heard it here. roll empire, grind up to 50 real fast and then just /follow afk someone that is running around with the huge zerg outside republic base:eek:.


On the flipside if you want to be limited in your experiences with Ilum... namely the daily/weekly pvp quests just roll republic. If you aren't locked into your base then you are in the battlefield and will never get a kill (imperials don't travel solo, only in groups of 3+)


Take this thread how you want to take it, but until something changes that is how it will be! Yay republic


As a side note you can put a sock in any you are bad threads as i have multiple ppl that will tell you i destroy fools. thank you, have a good day















... I said good day!

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