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Que up Open World ?


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I hate too be the one to suggest something like this.... however.


Why not just add a que system for Illum.


I know its open world not Warfront... but really the numbers are just sad on most servers. I play IMP sure I like most people couldn't bring myself to play past the first 5 or 6 levels of the hand holding Pub side. So now I am stuck with some of the worst PvP imaginable.


Leave the world where it is... only allow people too que on Illum. Add a few PvE dailys or something as a waiting room. Rotate people into the zones as they fill... balancing sides. One Imp in One pub in. When an objective is held for X amount of time... boot everyone out with their rewards or no rewards... and repeat. OR simply have it never end. People can't play 24/7.


If a ton of Imps are waiting for ever too que it.... well they can go play hutt ball... or try to grit their teeth and roll a Pub.


Like I say I really would love real open world no holds barred... imbalance HAHA game play. However reality is most servers are 2 to 1 at least... There can be a gate mechanic with out it destryoing the fun... and if people really don't want to wait qued up the sides will even out naturaly as people role the other side.

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