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Can't Unsubscribe? You Are Not Alone


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I cancelled last night, before the problem started, and it worked with 2 clicks without any issues


From what I've read it's on the followup page where it is missing, not the main subscriptions page, and not all people are experiencing this problem.




and the initial workaround link was blocked. Bioware initially said it was a browser issue but they never said which or what versions or plugins might be required or not compatible. Not sure if this has been fixed or not yet. Then again they also had forum queues this morning too, not sure if the traffic flood was an issue there.

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It literally takes 10 secs to unsub. If you cannot manage this simple task, there is something seriously wrong with you.


You can, apparently, not read. Had you taken the time to do so you would have realized there's a bug with the account management page that is not impacting every user. But, I guess you just wanted to spend your time trolling users who have a legitimate complaint instead.


Blinders off, please.

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