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No punishment?


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Penalties for what?


I went from lvl 9 to lvl 25 valor last night in 3hrs.


We were about 40 imps versus 40 rebels in Ilum. Was a long drawn out battle which we ended up just winning.


Noone ingame on any server got valor from the turrets...just from the killing of players. Spawn camping happened I'm sure but after a while surely the losing side stop continuing to come back. They don't stay there for 1293874 hours respawning/dieing/respawning/dieing etc. People are taking something that maybe lasts 10-20mins and saying it lasted 24hrs...in other words lying/exagerating.


It's all just drama being shouted by a few peeps imo.


Do yourself and everybody else a favour...take a deep breath and sit down please.

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