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Its STUFF Like this BioWare...Why is common sense so hard to implement in2 this game?


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Leveling with a group of guildies...all of us Gunnery Commandos....we grab a healer because we feel we have enough CC/DPS to do Taral V without a tank *And we did...it was a breeze*.


So we start attacking a mob...then this bonus Mini-Game inside SWTOR pops up...its Nightmare difficulty.


It's called: Guess which Debuff is your Debuff. Once you think you got it try to remember it's yours when your buddy's falls off and yours moves one over to the Left and your buddy re-applys his. Are you confused because now every stack is a different size? Trust me we are too...



See in WoW they did this thing where your Debuff is Massive, and always the first Debuff.





This gets worse...now get into a 8-16 man raid and apply your Debuff...and because SWTOR's UI is so tiny and theres no addons to fix this...your Debuff doesn't appear on the enemy's 8 debuff bar limitation so you can't even keep track of your own cycle.


No Omni-CC, Debuff timers, or UI Addon to save you from this nightmare.



It's stuff like this...that will slowly drive people away...








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