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Possible Solution for Expertise/Gear at level 50?


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So after trolling through the forums. (Not being a troll) It seems most people are either upset by a these topics. Read the yellow section for less fill.


RNG is very unfair versus time invested

Expertise is way OP

Level 50 brackets are horrible because of people who can dump time into PVP aka battlemasters (Causing most people to stay between 1-49

Faction Imbalances



So I was trying to think of some ways Bioware could possibly make it easier around the level 50 mark. Something I was thinking about was maybe having the crafting system come into play. Basically from what crafting prof. I have there are no real PVP schematics. Now a way to do this right might be to add Schematics that arn't very hard to get the mats for (IE buy mats for cheap warzone commendations)


The kicker is to make the schematics something you will replace through Gear bags later, so we can make PVP entry level stims/armor/weapons/mods/you name it. But everything added needs to have an equivalent battlemaster version. This is the best way I can think of letting someone who just hit 50 come into a warzone with some power versus right out having a horrible grind.


However, if you don't spend the time crafting you will still be at a disadvantage, but at least it would give some people something to work for.


Battlemaster gear shouldn't make you awesome based off gear it should but skill.




As far as que times concern there really isn't much I can think about doing now, All the ideas based on increased exp/valor for one side is kinda silly, and giving one side a stat boost is a bit to WoWish for me but it might be the only solution. We really should have limited the amount of republic vs imperial characters to be created. Ya it would suck but we could do it with server transfers. This sounds more like political issues everyday.

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