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Big Moan: EU Players should get some time redemption


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I'm sure there are many other threads like this one but thought I'd add my voice to the complaints.

It's simply not on to take the servers off during the day every week let alone take it off at prime time as has happened today. Like many other of Bioware's customers I have a full time job and a family. My time is very limited these days (compared to what it was in the 40 man raid days) and I look forward to the time I get with this game. To find that the servers are taken down every single week on days I've managed to get some free time makes me wonder why I'm paying a sub - I'm getting nowhere near the same level of service as a player in the US who gets to have his game updated in the early hours.


Other guild mates of mine have sent in tickets to complain about this with just automated droid responses (pls stop responding to complaints with humourous droid emails, it has the opposite effect that it's supposed to - we're not 12 years old) so we have no idea if these complaints are being taken into account.


In my view all EU players (and/or those in time zones that are compromised by the update schedule) should get some free time to apologise for this lack of service. We all massively appreciate the frequency of patches and fixes and we all love the game but please, sort out the update times. Cheers.

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