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Experience after the first month


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First off "No" this isn't some ranting thread meant to do nothing than Troll the masses, this is merely my personal play experience thus far... well... maybe a "little" ranting. <chuckles>


I have seen a lot of ranting and raving about this issue or that issue, from FPS issues to ability delays... I play on the Imperial side and there are times that I can sit there and click an ability 10 times in the middle of combat and it never works or it will self activate 2 minutes later after I had originally clicked on it.


I have a toon that I have yet to receive my digital items for through the in game mail and the first response from customer support was "Check your in game mail"... ya think? I'm giving it time because I have a rare thing called "patience".


But you know what? The game has only been out for a month... a month. No game is absolutely perfect at release, this one has come damned close to it though.


I had a friend last night considering not buying the game because someone he knows had a bunch of issues about graphics tears, FPS issues, and a whole list of problems and I had no freaking clue what he was talking about.


I play the game on a system that has a dual core 64 bit processor, 2.5 gb of DDR2 Ram, a 1 gb Nvidia Video card, and Vista OS... VISTA mind you and I haven't had any of these issues. Sometimes I have lag, but I deal with it as should we all because there is no guarantee that 100% of the blame for said issues falls on the server side. Sure, I could use a better system but the one I have is adequate right now to enjoy the game with, and I am enjoying myself.


I've seen many posts that are nothing but negative remarks, nothing more than posts full of sarcasm and spite towards a game that has been out for a Month... A MONTH! No game is perfect the first month following release, I have played almost every MMO on the market and this one surpasses most of them (if not all of them) in regards to stability and I play on a system that has been piecemeal-ed together from randomly cannibalized systems that are 1-5 years old, I am rather impressed by that, nothing about it is "top of the line", on the contrary, by today's standards most of it would be "bottom of the line" and I have next to no issues.


There is an in-game system for resolving such client based issues though, submit a ticket, get your facts straight, if you don't then the blame falls on you for not doing what "you" can to help resolve the issue, be mature about what you say and do because no one takes a kid that is throwing a tantrum seriously, and I have seen many tantrums thrown in these forums.


Ticked off about something? Take a moment to breath before raging about it.


Just got your butt handed to you in PvP? I played DAOC on dial-up for the first 2 years and stayed on par when it came to PvP, learn to play with what you have, learn to deal with the limitations you face and deal with it rather than breaking keyboards or throwing your mouse.


I personally can't stand the current space system, if I wanted to play Star fox then I would hook up my Nintendo but me making a bunch of sideways comments and colorful remarks isn't going to change that is it? Would bashing on the capabilities of the developer make it any better? No, all that would accomplish is I would embarrass myself... quite a few people need to stop embarrassing themselves.


Having FPS issues? Turn your settings down and turn your Shadows off... might suck but its either that, get a better system, or don't play.


Having issues on Illum? Well if you know that the issues exist and you go there any ways... who is truly to blame for you being upset? It's like the kid suing McDonald's for making them fat, no one forced them to shove cheeseburgers in their face. If you know there are issues in the PvP system and you put yourself into that situation then you have no one to blame but yourself if you end up pissed off.


Storyline wise, it's amazing... seriously. I am amazed by the twists, turns, and plot-hooks. I'm typically pretty good about figuring out what will happen next in a story, this one has left me stumped on most occasions.


All in all, keep up the awesome work Bioware, you all seriously deserve a raise. Putting out a great product, putting up with all of us every single day ranting and complaining about something, and each of you continuing to do your part to better the game despite the hardships we as the players put you through, I am very impressed and I personally will be here for some time to come to see where this ride takes me. ;)

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You could've posted in another theard that's exactly like your thread. There's a search option at the top. >_>


Heaven forbid someone gives some semblance of a compliment or positive feedback to the developers in a thread that won't get lost in the shuffle.


Yes, I did have that choice, we all have choices... I chose to share my opinion, you chose to share yours. We both also had the option of not saying anything at all, you didn't take that option so you can't really fault me for it either... it all balances out.

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