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I was new to PvP, however


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Well met,


I was new to the PvP in SWTOR, both the Warzones and Ilum before the 1.1 patch. I waited for matches which, thankfully, were not long in waiting for. On Ilum I would do the daily quests and then head to the contested area and usually switch control points. I'm now 24th level Valor, and was looking forward to continuing upward and onward. No longer. I don't think I will PvP anymore. Yes, there are those of you who'll say 'yay, stay away we don't want you.' You're entitled to your opinion, as I am to mine.


I've played MMO's since the release of Ultima Online. UO was not seperated at release into PVE or PVP. There was Felucca, where out of guard or city safety you could be attacked by, or attack, another player at anytime. In UO's early days there were rollbacks, caused by the server crashing and having to fall back to a world save three or four hours prior. I've been through rollbacks in other MMOs, as have others I'm sure. Should there have been a rollback. Yes, if it was done as soon they were made aware of this issue ( or any other issue that would result in mass exploitation or abuse ). It's been too long now, for them I think, to rollback. I accept the fact that rollbacks are sometimes required. Yes, it's an inconvenience to have to repeat a level or series of quests, but you've also experienced the battles or the like and may have a better idea of how to proceed again.


To sum up, I'm no longer taking part in PvP. Yes, there should have been a rollback as soon as they were made aware of, and confirmed, the issue. Will there be a rollback? No, there was too much time let slip by and as time goes by more people progress too far ahead in their quests to accept a rollback. Repeating an hours worth of work on a character is easier to accept than having to repeat a days worth. I'm left wondering if perhaps it was allowed to happen. By that I mean the servers were kept running long enough that the outcry against a rollback would increase due the length of time spent on the servers and working on characters. I'll make do with the PvE in SWTOR for the present.


Leaving the hockey game in the first period after your team gets scored one minute into the match doesn't make much sense. Hopefully your team learns from the mistakes that let the goal happen and doesn't see it repeated again. I'm planning to stay for duration of the game, or until I look up at the score board and see my team losing 32 to 1 halfway through the second period. At some point we all lose hope. That'll be mine.


Thanks for reading, posting, chastising, and so on about my initial post. I hope, at least, to read some replies and perhaps expand my understanding of things.

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