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How to Immediately Fix PVP


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Reset everyone's valor to 0, let people keep their gear just unable to equip it until they hit required valor. There will be plenty of crying but how many people earned all of their valor without any exploits. Never traded in Ilum, never abused valor giving turrets or spawn camped some poor outnumbered pubs. My guess is out of people who have max valor, zero. Also let the poor exploiters who spent their long hours taking advantage of the game keep their "earned" titles, a little bonus to keep them from burning down their houses.


Second, for the time being, get rid of Ilum open world pvp. Boom. Done. Bring it back later if you feel it's needed, it could be a good time. Don't bring it back until you are certain you have something that makes sense and is in line with the warzone rewards.


PVP is now warzones, that's it. Grind your way back up to your gear, at least you earned it this time. Plenty of games just use PVP queue modes as the only way to earn PVP gear. Yes, more crying, but did anybody really play Ilum for the "exciting, challenging pvp experience", nope. Actually people would yell at other people of the same faction for killing the opposing faction and ruining their trading.


There you go, a balanced (albeit simplistic) pvp system that works.

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