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My suggestions to add to what was done today


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First to people that said you cant get credit while in an ops group, false you can I was in one. Now on to why this patch did nothing.


I was in an ops group and we were going around Ilum, the imps that didn't fight back didn't count for anything the ones that did we got credit for. In 4 kills that was the end of it though, as the Imps showed up in a grp of 15 and destroyed us. At that point wherever we were they were soon after.


First this is due to server balance, and despite what people want this is always an issue with faction based mmo's. People choose to play the faction they want, it's not BW's fault or even Blizzard's for that matter it is what it is. But when dealing with server imbalances you need to find a solution, here are some possibilities.


1. just add more armaments and don't limit them to the central area. Right now all any faction has to do that has the numbers in their advantage is camp the central area. Just add more armaments to all the areas and this fixes this.


2. Make the gathering of armaments credit to the whole group and let this be done in ops groups as well.


3. Really thats it, people just want to be able to do their dailies. By doing this it does a few things.


a. If either faction wants kills they have to spread out, they cant just camp one area.


b. By spreading out it keeps large groups from staying together as its not worth their time, to camp an area where people dont have to go.


Thats my suggestion BW please take it to heart.

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I think your suggestion is fair but that doesn't fix the valor issue.



Bioware said that they meant for illum to be the way it is just not able to camp in the base. So if they meant for pvp to be this casual then the game is indeed in trouble and with the way they set up the worlds you will almost never come accross a player of the same faction. This being the case why have pvp servers at all? Unless they plan on 50's having nothing better to do then grief low lvl players in thier own areas. Which is a whole different issue.



Other then the rollback which would appease alot of players and probably upset just as many. They should just roll back the honor earned yesterday. Some suggestions to fix the current issue:


A. You only get the bonus valor while on the daily, once you have your kills you no longer get the valor.


B. Take away Bonus Valor all together people will still pvp for the fun of it and all pvpers need the bags so they will at least do daily/weekly.


C. Do A or B and you get a merc token for each kill. Which would give players a reason to pvp illum other then giving away valor.


The Reason for these suggestions is world pvp should not grant valor faster then wz.

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Actually Ill add to it, before kills you got or objectives taken give you valor credit in a warzone, not in Ilum just do this. you let it stack but not to something unreasonable and that still gives initiative to get kills.


Let me also say Im a huge fan of pvp, in vanilla WoW I missed getting FM because the week I would've gotten it they implemented their pvp changes and didn't rank anyone up. If people are upset about this change imagine the people upset about that one.


As far as rolling back valor, I really don't know if they can. Unless they have server Screen shots if you will, they won't know where people were two days ago compared to even now.


I would love Ilum to be world pvp, but with server imbalances being what they are you have to make Ilum a flashpoint, that you can que for separate from warzones. You keep the PvP area balanced, and if people get nothing after fulfilling the quest they will leave to let others in.

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Just give everyone within range in the ops group credit for the kill and give them their valor. That is really it, small server-side change nothing else needed.


Now there is a gigantic battle for nothing as nobody is getting valor and since they have no clue what it's meant to do they aren't queue'ing for BG's either meaning there is no valor gain whatsoever.

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Really in the end I feel like there are two different issues here after looking over the forums.


The first issue has to deal with getting the daily done on servers that have major imbalance issues one way or the other. To fix this you do what we have suggested.


The second issue has to deal with the aspect of world pvp and bioware wanting to implement world pvp.


Here is my thought on world pvp coming from the standpoint of WoW. The best world pvp I remember in vanilla was the world pvp that people started. Now I was on a pve server so i want to stress that first and foremost, and despite being on a pve server there was a lot of world pvp going on. Tarren Mill was always a hot spot, why because we typed in /pvp and decided to go kill npcs keeping ppl from getting quests done. This in turn brought in the horde players who /pvpd as well and it was epic. The other area was going to the BG que zones and attacking them as people got out (we had 1 hr ques so there was time for this and was necessary if you wanted GM). Finally was going to Org it self and trying to kill thrall.


Anytime WoW tried to implement world pvp it failed for the most part. The pvp towers in the plaguelands ended up being a joke, because of the same issues in Ilum, faction imbalance. Players just stopped going. WG dailies only worked because there was really no major initiative to camp the daily areas because the honor from kills wasn't worth camping there, but there was some world pvp action as both factions had to be at the same place. The WG fight, however, never really worked itself out even with the buffs because of faction imbalance. In the end orchestrated world pvp zones I have never seen be a huge success only you have perfect server balance.



Now by the design of the game a lot of these can't happen. So if you want world pvp BW here is one way. Put each faction leader on the different space stations, make it a weekly to kill them, and allow us to invade the other stations. Now again though by design this really can't happen because you make separate instances of the station's based on cap.


So what does this leave us too for the sake of world pvp. It really will only happen on pvp servers, and only on areas where people are leveling. This is the reality. So give up on world pvp and instead focus on making the warzones the best there ever have been. Even make Ilum a warzone that is always open but you have to que for, and you keep it balanced based on that. Make it like Vanilla AV, maybe not making it last all weekend but still, have enough objectives that it takes a hour or two even. Make something that is epic, that people want to participate in, that makes pvp fun.


In the end isn't that all we want anyway, to have fun. Make pvp fun and competitive and you have a winning formula.

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