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Please implement a PVP league system


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You know like soccer. That is the end of all whine where L33t fights L33t and nobs like myself can play people on my own level.


I even think L33ts will like the idea of leagues cause that will truly show who is just GEAR and huff and puff.


If you are good you advance if you suck you go down, easy. I mean having Man U play Cardiff all the time isn't fun for anyone.


Make a few Mixed league WZs as well and options so you can queue higher leagues if you want to


Just saying even nobs pay a monthly sub and PVP is fun when it is an even match. Even when nobs like myself fight nobs

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I mean having Barcelona play literally anyone else on the planet isn't fun for anyone.


Fixed that for you. I really found your comparison funny, being a United fan myself.

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