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As I'm getting closer to lvl 50 I have noticed that the best or the cooler looking gear comes from PVP vendors. Therefore I decided to start PVP to start earning commendations needed for purchase. However I am a total noob when it comes to PVP and I really don't understand where the needed commendations come from or what I have to do in PVP to get them for the gear I would like. Below is a list of Commendations that I have seen for PVP vendors.*


Mercenary - found a few in a chest at Outlaws Den and heard rumors that you can purchase for credits at PVP vendors at the fleet.

Warzone - awarded some for completing the Daily Warzone missions.

Battlemaster - ?

Centurion - ?

Champion - ?

Tionese - ?

Columi - ?

Rakata - ?


I also noticed that items can be purchased using dissembles items of sorts. Where do these come from? On another note I am currently lvl 38 Scoundrel Sawbones with great gear and was pretty much owned in PVP. As my experience in PVP increases I hope to do better, but have other smugglers had any luck in PVP environments or is it a tank controlled environment.*


If there is a guide for commendations that I have missed please direct me in that direction and please excuse the post. Thank you for your responses! *

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Tionese, Rakata and the other one are commendation / crystals earned in hard mode flashpoints (lvl 50)


you get the commendations for doing the daily/quests for these instances, and i believe the bosses "might" drop the coms but not 100% sure on that but they do drop the crystals. Also the bosses can drop a armor token that you turn in for that specific piece ie: bracer etc. instead of farming the commendations for them.


order of good to best is: Tionese > Columni > Rakata





champion, centaurian, battlemaster are PVP gear and you get the commendations for these from doing warzones.


warzones net you warzone commendations

Mercenary commendations are netted at a 1:3 ratio for warzone tokens from specific pvp merchants. so 600 warzone coms = 200 merc coms once converted


at lvl 50 you can buy/open champion bags for 200 war 200 merc . the bags will give you 3 centaurian coms and a chance at a piece of champion gear.


you can also do the lvl 50 pvp dailys/ weeklys. the daily will give you 1 champion or battlemaster bag of your choice. (battle master bags cant be opened till valor rank 60 & lvl 50)


the weekly will net you 3 champion or 2 champ/1 battlemaster bags as well


the order of good to best is: Centaurian > Champion > Battlemaster


Quoted from: http://www.swtor.com/community/showthread.php?t=121204

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