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1.1 Damage to the Balance of the game


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Ok so we see what has been done to hopefully avoid future issues caused by 1.1 but what about the massive inbalance now on the 2 sides? Many replubic are quitting due to the wonderfull gift given to the Sith side so now we lose massive numbers on the replubic side and watch the other side get major boasts in gear.


I am sure were all happy with the speed it took to fix the cause or try to but why ignore what the mess up gave one side and how it hurt or damaged the otherside? I grinded my butt off to get Battlemaster just to watch the otherside get it handed ot them for being in the right place at the right time. Now I cant get a refund on my 60 day time card so what do I get? I am stuck in a broken game that is lopsided towards 1 side greatly with no word on what the devs are doing if anything to correct it and restore balance. Something needs to be done and said because in 12-24 hours many accounts will be closed if this happens the odds will shift further and further appart and then if you think others wont follow this game will die.



Well still a load of bs game is soo lopsided and freezes up during a fight making it even harder to complete the stupid dailys.


Great job Bioware for doing more damage to Star Wars then SOE did with SWG

Please act fast before the body is cold in the ground.

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The balance was garbage to begin with. Rollbacks are unrealistic. Even if 5% of the forum subscribers want the rollback, and Bioware does it, what about the other majority of angry people who will be pissed off they got rolled back? It's too much work and it's too risky. It's probably better to tough it out and try to figure out another solution for the Republic imbalance. People have been screaming "THEY GOT BATTLEMASTER IN ONE DAY!" but I find that hard to believe. My husband was out there for a good few hours and he was already somewhat through rank 59 and I'm not even sure he dinged 60. I was out there for my daily, I didn't even get a level (I'm rank 53). What were these people doing? Because Bioware already said killing the Turrets were false claims and killing NPCs did not give valor, and it was a rumor spread over the forums.


I think some of this is being blown out of proportion.



Sorry didn't mean to rant on you.

I hope they do server merges or something soon, or offer "faction transfers" from empire to repubs.

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You do know that this section is for general Star Wars stuff, this post really belongs in the general forms, not here.


I am stuck in a broken game that is lopsided towards 1 side greatly with no word on what the devs are doing if anything to correct it and restore balance.


What exactly do you want them to do?


Somehow enforce balance between the factions by controlling how many Empire characters there can be?


Offer some sort of buff to republic players?




The faction balance is not an issue that Bioware can simply fix, because it's caused by the people playing the game, and not code Bioware wrote.


But lets face it, the complaining on the general forms really means nothing, because even if everyone who claims to be unsubbing does... You're looking at maybe 5% of the player base.

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yes but that 5% will hurt the 1 faction even more I dont think rollbacks fix it. Find a way to keep the balance even or maybe if 10 guys kill 1 dont give the 10 full valor or a buff for the underdog based on numbers in the zone.


Its obvious we need something to keep these players from leaving. cause 5% less replublic will mean 10% then 15%

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