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Different game, same posts


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I started playing MMOs in 1999 with the release of EQ 1. I've played a variety of them...you can pretty-much name the game and I've tried it.


What I find truly fascinating is that when I read this forum it's like deja vu all over again. I'm not saying it's wrong...but it's amazing that the same things continue to come up for every single game released. Here are some general examples of the threads you will see over-and-over no matter what game it is:


I want compensation for downtime.

EU <insert non-US country> servers constantly screwed on downtime

I've contacted the BBB

I think we should file a class-action lawsuit

<Company Name> is only interested in profit and hates the players

I'm cancelling and here's why

Nerf <insert class>

This game is too easy

This game is too hard

If they don't fix <X> with this patch I quit

I can't run the game

Why can't we <X>, they do it in other games!

Fix PvP!

This is a PvE game, PvP can screw themselves!

PvP players are better than PvE and here's why

Log in is taking too much time!

Patch is too big.


<Company Name> is not listening to its players

I'm not paying for Open Beta



Again...not saying that there's anything necessarily wrong with these topics...but you could look at the archives of every single MMO since UO was released and see them over-and-over ad nauseum.


Perhaps it simply shows that pleasing 1,000,000,000 people isn't as easy as it sounds...of course someone else would point out that WOW seems to have done pretty well.


My only advice to people who are having blood-pressure issues with the game is to vote with your dollars and find something else to do. I've done that for every game I've ever played and I'll eventually do it with this one too.

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Hello all,


We ask that threads on the General Discussion forum are constructive, on-topic discussions of Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. Since this thread is discussing types of threads and posts found on the forums and not the game itself, we're going to go ahead and close the thread.


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