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RE- Getting more blues from the same green T.T


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Hey, i'm Me and i'm dumg =/


i was looking on the foruns for other posts and i find some but not exactly what i looked for



Ex.: i have a Green earpiece A so i RE this and got Critical A earpiece (Blue) nice =) job done


but ... i don't need the Critical one, i need a Redbout (dunno the name) for tank




so from the A green earpiece i need to get the Redbout A Earpiece (Blue)




what i tried:


Made 40 (literal) Green Earpiece A and RE again ... i didn't got any other blue


so i tried to RE the blu ones to see if, for a miracle, i would get another version on the blue one


Made 20 (literal) Critical A earpiece (Blue) and RE all of those -> so -> no purple, normal =P and no blue ... as i expected to be honest.




can i get more then one blue from the same green? or if i get the critical i wont be able to get the others?


maybe the chance changes, or i have no lucky


any idea?

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that's the rng being a rng. There are (iirc) 3 blue recipies for each green, and then 5 purple recipies for each of those blues. That's of course, not counting things like barrels and hilts that are green->blue>purple. It's just a matter of getting the dice to roll your way.


Would be nice to have some kind of method of increasing your odds of getting something in particular, or just increasing your odds overall...but as of right now, random is random.

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You definitely can get all 3 blues from the same green. You just have to keep making the greens and RE-ing them. Don't waste your time RE-ing the Critical blues, because the only things you can get are purples based on that version.
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