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Thanks for a great Star Wars experience!


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I just wanted to post a thank you for making a great game, immersive Star Wars experience and overall technically well done.


Its probably the first MMO that i have played (and i played many) where i did not crash a single time leveling up to the maximum level, and that right after launch has to count for something.


I know that this probably is different for other people, but that's just how it is, there are so many different hardware/software combinations that it is virtually impossible to make it work well on every rig.


I'm having a great relaxing time playing this game, which i think is done extremely well. In all areas, technically, graphically and sound-wise (where the first and the latter is my field of expertise)


Before you start yelling in replies with your 5-word dictionary (this^, fanboi, epic, fail and troll), i have to tell you that i don't care what you think about me or take notice of any hate, so don't waste your time trying.


When there is base to yell, do so, but in this case i think compliments and thanks are in order for making something that we like, have fun with and probably costed countless sleepless nights for the ones developing it.


Kudos to Bioware! Keep up the great work!

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