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Patch 1.1 - one person's CS assessment


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I have yet to experience everything in patch 1.1, but there are issues.


The main one being what is ravaging the MMO universe as we speak and they are currently fixing (hopefully.)


I think there are a few things that Bioware did well with the patch though - mainly the new flashpoint (a bit buggy) and the bracket split for pvp.


That said, you need to talk to us more Bioware. I suggest you look to Trion Worlds on how to handle a MMO community. Fostering communication - if only to say "We hear you and we are still trying to get a hold of this bugger" goes a long way.


If people feel like they are at least being listened to, it takes away some of the venom and helps to keep the flames down.


Scott Hartsman could be very informative on this front. I would ask him to a lunch date if I were you.


You have an awesome game, but your CS communication is horrid. It really is.

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I approve of this immensely. Look if you make a patch good or bad you communicate with the players. Even the whiners that are just QQing all over the place will settle down.


If the company takes the time to address concerns and communicates you will get long term subscribers and love from the entire community (assuming you listen to suggestions, at least good ones).


Ignoring the consumer, hiding under your desk and not at the very least communicating with the community will ensure your game will be in the future another mediocre game.


I say this as someone who likes the game as a whole, but can see some pretty obviously flaws... some minor and some "holy wow how did they mess this up".

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